Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Quantum VS Deja

Our universe is full of obvious and miracles. The universe which is accommodating millions of Galaxies, uncounted stars, planets, comets and other heavenly objects and also one of its greatest miracles i.e. US.

Hello!! This is Aayushman Shrivastava. And Today I m going to deliver you one of the most deepest thought which ever came in my mind from last 2 years but never got time to explain it. So, I think it's time this thing should be out of my mind ASAP coz that's what it's all about. TIME. Before moving forward I would like to ask you for a survey which I came across with lots of people around me that is the most important points of the same as these things are the benchmark of the theory I am onto. So, before reading further I request to you that please go through the following Survey Questions-
My 1st Question is.

Q1- Do You Sleep?
(Well, the question might look weird and the Answer is also so much predictable and I am sure that 100% of the readers (If they are humans) will have YES as their answer. Well!! Sorry, but it is the most basic for the theory as a whole.)

My next Question is.

Q2- Do you have Dreams While Sleeping?
(Since this question might have some of the exceptions, but almost all of the people will answer Yes to the Question.)

Q3- Do You Know What Is Deja Vu?

(For the people who don't know Deja Vu, here is an answer to them - Déjà vu, from French, literally "already seen", is the phenomenon of having the strong sensation that an event or experience currently being experienced has been experienced in the past, regardless of whether it has actually happened before.)

And my last question for the survey is.

Q4- Have you ever felt the things going on right now that might be experienced once before? Or in other words, Have you Ever Experienced Deja Vu?

If all of the above questions have a similar answer as "YES"! Then you can easily understand the theory I want to explain to you in this post. For others not to worry, if you will read the complete above questions I m sure your curiosity leads to reading and come over the topic.

Now, I would like you to think about this Deja Vu concept. This concept generally deals with our subconscious part of the brain on which we readily have no control over. According to Deja Vu you are experiencing a scenario which you felt like you experienced it before. So what is it? Do we have dreams of future events? or Is it just a glitch? Whatever it is.... it has its existence and legacy.

So let us go through this concept. Consider you dream a scene which some days later, you experienced the same. How could you take this thing as in practically? Let us make some points you analyze which might attain a regular / repeated pattern in every experience we have.

1st is your experience approximately resembled view of a dream you had in past.
2nd is Since you are experiencing it, so the view you are experiencing were through your own eyes.
3rd is Each view is a very small limited span of time. Max. calculated is about 5 secs.
& 4th is You could not remember how you reached there in your dream and also not aware of what happened before and after Deja Vu scenario.

My question is, what actually is going on in our brain during that time? How could it be able to see a part of our future? Is our subconscious brain that much powerful that it gets the ability to see the future of our own and the people who will be linking to it?

Thinking about this for a long time I developed an imaginary concept. Easy to explain but difficult to proof. But first of all, I have to give this ability of our brain a pictorial view. So here it is.

I take it as a Window. A Window to Future or to the other parallel Universe (According to the Parallel Universe Theory). For which I am not pretty much sure.  But I think this is the best view to demonstrate the thing. Every normal human brain has that Window over which we do not have any control. But I m sure our sub-conscious mind do have a keen interest in it. This window doesn't have a key. Even it doesn't have anything to lock from this side, unlike the other side of it. Means the only authority to open the window is from another side of it which from our frame can't be reached. That other side might be the Future of our brain or our vision for which brain use that window as a bridge to make a balance between present and future and the things going in between.

So, what actually happens is this, that the so-called window opens sometimes when we are deep dreaming mostly and our brain tries to seek through it. The vision it gets... is the vision you used to see in your dreams. But through the third point of the experience shared by everyone, i.e. the view is a very small span of time. So, according to this point, this opened window lasts for a very... very small span of time. Since our brain is a big story teller it automatically adds some of the probable stuff or events into that vision so that dream seems to be much more precise.

Eventually, This thought might seem to be a waste of time for some people. But for some who are really tracking my thoughts might understand why I m so much interested in explaining this by only reading till here and getting the topic "Quantum vs Deja". Moving further to my second inning over the topic where Quantum Physics takes the lead.

This theory came into my mind as I was watching a documentary named as "Into the Universe with Stephen W. Hawking (TIME)".

By understanding complete significance of Time-Space and this fabric's bending property which all the way gets affected by the gravitational forces of the heavenly objects.

BUT.... Over this Space-Time fabric, we got to know that the exact reason we are going through this is its ultimate destination. i.e. Traveling in the so-called 4th dimension which is Time itself.
So in brief, Space-Time Fabric leads to everywhere in the universe and it bends towards The force of Gravitation anywhere it goes. This leads to the condition that greater the force of Gravitation, slower would be the time at that place respectively.
But as told by Hawking, these rules of forces or in other words, this relativity can only be accurate for the heavenly objects or the objects which can be seen through our eyes easily or the objects which are so predominant towards their mass in the universe that they could justify the Einstein's Relativity made in respect for every object relative to each other in significance to its energy.
But if we tend to change our framework from gravitational to non-gravitational masses, which means to consider an arena in which the residing objects, that are so small or mass-less that it completely denies to run over the laws of physics described by numerous Scientists & Physicists, but can physically defined only through their Energy. Objects that are smaller than an atom (plank's length)

As time goes by, the most prominent part of the modern physics came into existence. The theory of the smallest of particles in the universe i.e. called as Quantum Mechanics for which John Wheeler said -"The quantum is the greatest mystery we've got. Never in my life was I more up a tree than today." which is completely true until and unless we conclude its physics and forces behind each and every particle surrounded by.

But actually, some of the things are still explained by our living physicists coming up with certain possibilities in Quantum mechanics. One of those is the existence and creation of a particle, their behavior in Quantum World and the most bizarre theory of all time, "The Big Bang Theory".

So, let us start with nothing in hand and observe it be something eventually. Well, that what Quantum Mechanics is made of i.e. In QM until and unless you observe a particle at a particular position, till then it is expected to be nothing at all. So in QM there are particles, which have a significance with their compulsory existence. Going over this, If I ask you that why is their such uncertainty over these particle's existence??

Through my point of view, the uncertainty of a particle been present or not completely depends on the exact need of it at that particular position. In other words, the presence of that particular particle depends on its property which could help the best to stabilize the surroundings. And hence, concluded by Strings Theory, which represents the actual generators of any particle in any situation they are or could be in.

With all these things it was suggested that these things could be anywhere or everywhere around the universe.This might be not that much fascinating for you and me too, But what if I say these concepts are everywhere around us and even WITHIN us. So, would strings actually generate a particle in us? And what type of particle it could be? Actually, Quantum Mechanics is not ever depended on the framework, it has its own framework which has its significance, But all the ways to that framework this whole universe is connected. I mean not a single area or place is left for nothing. That's it, Quantum Mechanics leads to affect itself at every part of the universe. Nothing is Void. So how could we say our body or any living creature is void for QM! No... it is not. We are a part of Universe and we are the part of this bizarre QM too.

Now let us go deep into the theory....

The reason I m considering Quantum Mechanics because of its one of the property which Stephen Hawking has believed into and also he elaborated about it in his Documentary "Into the Universe with Stephen W. Hawking (TIME TRAVEL)" which is a concept related to the Quantum Foam and Wormholes created by Space -Time effective Energy and Anti-Energy. He says, that these Space - Time Energy have the property to make a wormhole which is so indefinite and tiny that might be having a probability of any particle to pass thru and travel in time. So whats type of framework is it for Quantum Mechanics? And how come it calls Quantum Foam?
So for that, we got help from Wikipedia which says.."Quantum Foam can be used as a qualitative description of subatomic spacetime turbulence at extremely small distances (on the order of the Plant Length). At such small scales of time and space. The Heisenberg uncertainty principle allows energy to briefly violating physical conservation laws. As the scale of time and space being discussed shrinks, the energy of the virtual particles increases. According to Einstein's theory of general relativity, energy curves space-time. This suggests that - at sufficiently small cases - the energy of these fluctuations would be large enough to cause significant departures from the smooth space-time seen at larger scales, giving space-time a "foamy" character."

This huge energy which comes out after every annihilation leads to generate an exotic matter which in turn is responsible for creating a wormhole at that instant which leads to a destination anywhere with a mighty effect of Time all over the Universe.

But these so-called wormholes have some properties in itself too.

1st They are very tiny. Some are smaller than the smallest and mass-less particle in the universe.
2nd They form by a closed loop strings and might be using an exotic matter to get that force.
3rd They are very unstable and last for maximum 2-3 nano-seconds.
and 4th They are the gate to future.... w.r.t the place it actually created, whereas the wormhole's other end creates at exactly same area/ place but in a different time.

So let us understand the complete situation what I am trying to explain and make you all understand the whole topic "Quantum vs Deja".

SO, what if I say.... That the dreams which we actually see which are sometimes called as "Deja-Vu"  are concerned thru a very small place in our Brain at a size of Quantum Foam which has a very high influence of Space-Time and have an ability to create a worm hole which specifically has the property of reaching to a place in future where we can see what actually is going on / happening with us for a very small spam of time, which is then briefed by our brain and makes over for a complete lengthy story to give a valuable dream situation to us, Hence when we actually reach to that future situation which we saw in our dream thru that Quantum Worm Hole of Time, our conscious Brain relates it with our past dream and felt like Deja-Vu.... Dreams come True.